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BACH Original Remedies

The brief for Therapy was to increase global awareness of the Bach range by developing a strong platform for growth over five years.

Bach Poster Mockup.jpg


Kate is the character we created as part of our social campaign. She embodies each of our emotional experts, giving tips on relieving stress and keeping calm.

Kate Expressions.jpg
Kates variations 1.jpg
Kates variations.jpg
Kate Variation 2.jpg
kate 2.jpg
kate 1.jpg
Kate Stretching.jpg
Kate Looking up.jpg



The mocktails were created as part of our social content, encouraging consumers to add Bach to their daily lives. I assisted Therapy's videographer, Irene Calvo, on these shoots.

Client: Bach Original Remedies
Creative Director: Richard Miles
Design Team: Jo Risley, Nic Reeves
Videographer: Irene Calvo
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