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Card Chef
Brand Identity

CardChef is a digital service that allows culinary creators to monetise their audience by selling physical recipe cards. CardChef aims to create a physical connection between the online creator and the home cooks in their audience. I was tasked with adding some personality to their brand and creating an eye catching visual identity that could compete in the home cooking and meal kit market. I delivered comprehensive brand guidelines that the team could utilise when taking both their digital and physical propositions to market. 
CardChef Logo 01-30 copy.webp
CardChef Logo 01-32 copy.webp
CardChef Logo 01-31 copy.webp
CardChef Logo 01-34 copy.webp
CardChef Logo 01-36 copy.webp
CardChef Logo 01-38 copy.webp
CC Landscape Mockup copy.webp
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