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Brand Development


Joos is a shared power bank start-up with 100s of locations across the UK and Ireland. You can rent a power bank, charge your devices on-the-move and return it to another location. Think shared bikes, but for phone charging. 

Explainer Videos
On every Joos Box, there is a screen with an animated video explaining how to use it. There is a 
separate video for the large and small units to demonstrate the different journeys that the user may take. This is backed up by other in-location marketing pieces including posters, door stickers, beer mats and leaflets. Each piece of marketing is to drive awareness of Joos as well as educating the customers on the shared economy journey.

Window Signage MockUp 2.png

Website & App Design
Joos has an app which is a key part of the user journey. Collaborating with our app developers, I help create the graphics for the app along with App Store graphics for both Google Play and Apple. Another key aspect of the business is our 
website, which we use as a B2B asset and designed in-house before being built by our web developer.

blob trial 1-08.png
blob trial 1-06.png

Joos Social & Paid Social Campaigns
In November 2020 Joos launched their social channels having previously been Chargebolt. From the initial switchover, Joos' social channels have been filled with a variety of product pushing videos, explainer videos along with fun videos to up engagement and help to build the Joos brand beyond the product.


blob trial 1-07.png

Joos paid social ads focused on bringing brand awareness to the product and brand throughout the cities Joos is most present in. These ads run throughout Facebook and Instagram, placing Joos in the forefront of customers minds as a product that allows you to live your life to the fullest because a dead battery will not hold you back




In November 2021 Joos launched in every BrewDog pub and bar across the UK and Ireland. To celebrate this collaboration, Joos ran a digital campaign across Facebook and Instagram to raise awareness of Joos' presence in the BrewDog for customers and across LinkedIn to promote the new business partnership.

Joos OOH & DOOH Campaigns
For Joos, I have created 3 creatives for a variety of OOH & DOOH campaigns across the country.

Joos Delivery Man Illustration-03.png
hosptial illustration-02.png

When explaining the Joos product and targeting new sectors for the company, I often illustrate how this will work and be of use within that industry. As the shared economy is a relatively new concept, it is important that these illustrations show the importance of and the ease in which, shared power banks will fit into our society.

Gym Man-01.png
Tourist Scene.png
Joos Delivery Man Illustration-04.png
bar scene_Joos-01.png
New World-IM-05.png
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