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Give Blood Campaign

For the first of my final year projects at university I decided to create a campaign to encourage young people, aged 17-30 to give blood. After conducting research I found the main reason that people don't is fear. 

Each element was hand drawn and then animated in Photoshop and After Effects.

insta Feed_colour.jpg
tinder 5.jpg
tinder 3.jpg
phone screen_text.jpg

I chose to focus on 5 separate characters, each exemplifying the ease in giving blood. It was important to show contrast between giving blood and our day to day routines.

I came up with the hashtag #SitToSave as this was designed as a social media campaign. Each character is using their phone while giving blood and therefore, you could be giving blood while watching the advertisement.

Client: University Project designed for Give Blood UK

Design Team: Nic Reeves


Hand drawn illustrations, After Effects, Photoshop

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